The Diamond on postage stamps - Images



The images of the postage stamps are divided among these three themes


Diamonds A-K - Diamonds L-Z


Diamond as Symbol - The Queen's Diamonds




Diamond on matrix - Kimberley, South Africa 1888


Inv. N° 13840


Museo di Mineralogia dell'Università di Roma "La Sapienza"



Stamps printed in excessive amounts

According to this article of the Philatelic Webmaster Organization, some printing companies have made deals with poor countries (mostly in Africa) to print stamps that are mostly targeted to the stamp collecting market. The stamps are apparently endorsed by the local postal administrations, but are printed in huge quantities (compared to the local needs of the country), and sold mostly to collectors.

I indeed have seen their label on many topical stamps and souvenir sheets related to minerals, from countries like Chad, Comoros, Mali, Niger, Congo...

The design of those stamps and souvenir sheets are strikingly similar, and one could wonder if they were not only printed by the same company, but designed by the same company as well. If all this is correct, then one could also wonder how much philatelic value those stamps really have.








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