The Diamond


The splendid and colorful gems appear to be in a separate category, completely different from the common creations of nature.

Among all the gems, the diamond, symbol of purity and lasting strength, has always held a prominent position. 

In ancient time it was beliewed to be a stone so rare that in the year 100 B.C., Plinius defined it as a gem of greater value known only to Kings.

The term diamond derives from the Greek word adamas (invincible), that was probably used by the Greek to indicate any hard stone. 


But what is diamond? 


The diamond is a crystalline form of the carbon, very hard, used both as precious stones in jewelry, and in many industrial applications.

Due to these characterstic and its symbolic meanings, numerous stamps have bee issued bearing the image of raw cut diamond.


All the postage stamps presented in this website were issued by sovereign states from 1959 to the present day. 




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